Big Sete capotes (C. guazumifolia)

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Introducing the “sete capotes” (Campomanesia guazumifolia) – a hardy fruit tree native to Brazil and Argentina, producing uniquely flavorful yellow-green fruits with a sweet pear and tangy citrus taste. Thriving in challenging climates, it’s an easy-to-grow addition to any garden.

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Introducing the "sete capotes" (Campomanesia guazumifolia) – a delicious and resilient fruit tree from the myrtle family, native to regions of Brazil and Argentina.

The sete capotes produces flavorful yellow-green fruits with a unique taste profile that combines the sweetness of a pear with the tangy citrus notes reminiscent of an orange. The juicy flesh has an excellent balance of acidity and sweetness.

Beyond its appealing fruits, this hardy tree offers excellent ornamental value with its twisted trunk, layered bark, and rounded or pyramidal canopy depending on its growing environment.

Remarkably drought-tolerant, the sete capotes can withstand prolonged dry spells as well as frost down to -7°C, making it an excellent choice for areas with challenging climates. It thrives in sandy or loamy, neutral pH soils enriched with organic matter.

Easy to cultivate, the tree is fast-growing and will begin bearing fruit around 3 years after planting when properly cared for. An excellent addition to orchards, food forests or landscaping.

Order sete capotes seeds today and enjoy the unique sweet-tart flavors of this Brazilian-Argentine fruit gem in your own garden! Extremely hardy and low-maintenance.


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