Lemon guava (Psidium cattleianum var. lucidum)

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The lemon guava, also known as Psidium cattleianum var. lucidum, is an exciting tropical fruit variety well-suited to the international market thanks to its unparalleled cold hardiness. Ideal for zones 8-10, the “Hardy Guava” can withstand light frosts down to 22°F (-6°C), making it the only guava adaptable to cooler climates worldwide. Beyond its tolerance for varied conditions, the lemon guava truly captivates with its refreshing citrus flavor profile – the tart yet subtly sweet yellow flesh tastes of sunshine in every bite. Combined with the tree’s heat tolerance, disease resistance, early and abundant fruiting habit, and simple care needs, the lemon guava shows tremendous potential for global cultivation and commerce.

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Introducing the Hardy and Flavorful Lemon Guava

Are you looking for a tropical fruit that can thrive even in cooler regions? Consider the astonishing lemon guava (Psidium cattleianum var. lucidum), a variety prized for its hardiness and unique flavor.

Nicknamed the “Hardy Guava,” the lemon guava can tolerate light frosts down to 22°F (-6°C), making it an ideal option for zones 8-10. Homegrowers from Florida to California and beyond can now enjoy a taste of the tropics, no matter the climate.

With pale yellow skin and a bright lemony zing, biting into a ripe lemon guava is an explosion of refreshing citrus flavor unlike any other fruit. Its tart yet mildly sweet juice is perfect for drinks, salsa or preserves and the creamy white flesh is a nutritious snack.

Cultivating lemon guavas is simple. A few tips:

  • Plant in full sun and well-draining soil. Amend with compost before planting.
  • Space 10-15 feet apart and prune regularly for air flow and sun exposure.
  • Water deeply 1-2 times per week, avoiding soggy soil which can cause root rot.
  • Apply balanced fertilizer in spring and summer to promote strong growth.
  • Control fruit fly with yellow sticky traps placed around trees before fruit sets.

Lemon guavas are highly productive, with trees starting to bear fruits within 2-3 years. Homegrowers and commercial producers from zone 8 and warmer regions will find these heat and drought tolerant trees thrive with minimal care.

Discover the impressive cold hardiness and zesty flavor of the lemon guava. Order seeds today and you’ll be enjoying fresh tropical delights for years to come, no matter what Mother Nature brings. Growing your own lemon guavas has never been simpler!


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