Ubajay (Eugenia myrcianthes)

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Grow a taste of the Brazilian rainforest with Ubajay, the legendary “twisted fruit” with an amazing flavor blend. This semi-deciduous tree is highly adaptable and produces abundant crops of juicy, uniquely flavored fruits after just 3-5 years. The fruits can be eaten fresh or used for juices, jams, wines and more. Ubá-jaí’s fruits also help sustain wildlife.

We offer a rare, exceptionally sweet flavored variety. Don’t miss this exciting tropical treat! Order ubá-jaí seeds from our limited seasonal stock.

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Are you looking to grow something new and delicious? Ubajay or Ubá-jaí (Eugenia myrcianthes), also known as the “Twisted Fruit” or “Deer Fruit”, is a unique Brazilian and Argentinian fruit with an unforgettable tropical flavor.

This semi-deciduous tree is native to the Cerrado regions of Brazil, ranging from Minas Gerais to Rio Grande do Sul. It also grows in certain forest areas of Argentina (Entre Ríos, Misiones, Corrientes) and Paraguay. For years, tales of exceptionally sweet Ubajays varieties circulated, we have them.

After tasting these properly ripe ubajays from rare trees, we were blown away. The rich, tangy-sweet tropical taste instantly transports you to a Brazilian rainforest. We propagated this special varieties and can now offer seeds to fruit growers in the USA and worldwide.


Growing Ubajay
This fast-growing tree flourishes in well-drained, acidic soils and is highly drought and frost resistant once established (hardy to -10ºC / 14ºF). In just 3-5 years from seed in a tropical region you can expect your first harvests of the exquisitely flavored fruits. Ubajay makes an excellent choice for sustainable rainforest restoring projects, as its fruits feed deer, coatis and other wildlife.


Versatile Culinary Uses
The juicy, uniquely flavored fruits can be enjoyed fresh, juiced, made into vinegars or wines, or used for jams, sorbets and more. Don’t miss your chance to grow this amazing Brazilian delicacy in your own backyard!







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