Caribbean Yellow/Pink Guava

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The Caribbean Yellow/Pink Guava is an enticing new variety with enormous potential for international markets. Originating in the tropical islands of the Caribbean, it produces larger, thicker-skinned fruits that can withstand longer storage and transport distances better than most guava varieties. Its deep rose-colored flesh and extended harvesting season from late summer through early fall set it apart from competitors. Home growers and commercial producers around the world seeking a high-yielding, globally-shippable guava will find it thriving from zones 9-11. With optimized characteristics for the export trade and a taste of paradise in every delightfully sweet-tart bite, the Caribbean Yellow/Pink Guava is poised to capture new audiences worldwide and revolutionize global guava consumption for years to come.

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Consider the tantalizing Caribbean Yellow/Pink Guava. Originating from the tropical islands of the Caribbean, this variety produces larger, thicker-skinned fruits that are perfect for local markets thanks to their superior post-harvest handling.

Bite into a Caribbean Yellow/Pink Guava and you’ll be transported to the sunny shores of the Caribbean. Its pink flesh has a darker, richer hue than other guavas, bursting with vibrant tropical flavors in each juicy segment. The yellow skin blends beautifully with the rose-colored insides for an eye-catching presentation.

What’s more, these guavas continue fruiting well into the fall season when many other varieties have finished for the year. Homegrowers can enjoy a longer guava harvest stretching into late summer and early autumn. Supermarkets also benefit from an extended guava season to meet consumer demand.

Cultivating Caribbean Yellow/Pink Guavas is easy even for novice gardeners. A few tips for success:

  • Plant in full sun and well-drained soil. These trees thrive in tropical or subtropical zones 9-11.
  • Space 15-20 feet apart for ample room to grow. Add compost or organic matter before planting.
  • Water regularly during flowering and fruit set. Mulch to retain moisture.
  • Fertilize yearly in spring with balanced plant food.
  • Prune to shape tree and improve air circulation/sunlight penetration.

Discover your new favorite tropical fruit variety. Order Caribbean Yellow/Pink Guava seeds today and look forward to an abundance of uniquely hued, extra-large guavas to enjoy fresh-picked or to market locally at the peak of ripeness. Your tropical orchard awaits – start growing the bountiful Caribbean Yellow/Pink Guava now!


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