Spiritual Monkeys?

I think it’s good to walk through the fields thinking we are monkeys in a jungle. Humans descended from apes, and monkeys do not work, do not grow vegetables, they are obtained simply as they grow in nature.

I think what we have to do with each of our fields / gardens / orchards is to recreate the ecosystem that can feed us almost without working, and that means even eat things that are not used to eating, such as linden tree leaves (as a lettuce), or different flowers (I think most of the flowers are eaten, such as geraniums, roses, etc..).

In this idea of ​​ecosystem is also important to find out what species are native to our region that can be edible, as are best adapted to the climate, grow faster and stronger, and so on. This task of observation seems to me the most productive, while alien species adapted we are accustomed to eat in the day.

It would be a great happiness to free from the burden of hard work that has produced the human being out of fear and stupidity through centuries or millennia of malpractice due to greed, lack of spirituality.


Author: marcos

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