Red Strawberry Guava (P. cattleiaum var sabine)

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The Red Strawberry Guava is an enticing tropical fruit variety that merits global cultivation for its truly unique Strawberry flavors and aromas. Native to Brazil, this Psidium cattleianum variant exceeds expectations with a rosy red flesh so reminiscent of wild strawberries, it was coined the “strawberry guava.” Beyond living up to its name, the Red Strawberry Guava flourishes with minimal care needs in zones 8b-11, producing abundant, seamless crops for home use and commercial markets alike over its 20+ year lifespan. Home gardeners and farmers will delight in this prolific, easy-care tree bearing a sweet sensation like no other guava from summer through fall. With tremendous yields, vigorous growth habits and market demand assured for its unparalleled taste, the Red Strawberry Guava shows tremendous global commercial potential deserving of wider cultivation worldwide.

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Discover the Delicious Red Strawberry Guava

For a tropical fruit with extra sweetness look no further than the enticing Red Strawberry Guava. Native to Brazil, this unique Psidium cattleianum variety boasts a flavor so reminiscent of strawberries that it’s simply called “strawberry guava.”

Beyond the name, its rosy red flesh truly tastes of juicy wild strawberries with each succulent mouthful. No other guava compares to this variety’s intensely sweet, yet subtly tart puree-like texture.

Home gardeners and commercial growers alike will appreciate the Red Strawberry Guava’s productive, vigorous growth. Once established, trees yield abundant crops for around 20 years with minimal upkeep needs in tropical and subtropical zones 8b-11.

Cultivation Tips:

  • Plant in full sun or partial shade. Amend soil with compost before planting.
  • Space 10-15 feet apart for ample room to grow large trees reaching 20+ feet tall.
  • Water 1-2 times weekly, especially during hot/dry periods and fruit development.
  • Apply balanced fertilizer in spring. Mulch to retain soil moisture and suppress weeds.
  • Enjoy fruit from summer through fall, savoring this frost-free strawberry delight straight from the tree!

Popular throughout Brazil and Paraguay, the Red Strawberry Guava deserves worldwide recognition for its incomparable sweetness. Beyond fresh eating, it makes stunning jams, juices or desserts.

Home gardeners will be thrilled with the carefree nature and exceptional yields. Market growers have found demand tremendous. Order your Red Strawberry Guava seeds today to experience this delicacy straight from the backyard! Your tropical oasis awaits.


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