Abiu-mirim or aguaí (Chrysophyllum aff. viride)

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Discover the flavorful delight of Abiu-mirim or Aguaí Seeds, resilient to temperatures as low as -6°C. With origins in the lush Atlantic Forest, these seeds boast cultural significance and thrive in diverse climates from Minas Gerais to Argentina. Growing into trees with dense canopies and glossy leaves, they produce small greenish flowers and round fruits with soft, yellow pulp. Easy to cultivate, they germinate within 30-60 days and attract various bird species, enriching gardens with both culinary delights and ecological diversity.

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Introducing Abiu-mirim or Aguaí Seeds – Chrysophyllum aff. viride

Explore the wonders of Abiu-mirim or Aguaí Seeds! These seeds offer a sweet flavor and resilience to temperatures as low as -6°C. Originating from the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, they thrive in various conditions from Minas Gerais to Rio Grande do Sul, extending into Paraguay and Argentina.

Key Features:

  • Trees grow to 6-7 meters, with a dense canopy and dark green leaves.
  • Flowers bloom in clusters, leading to round fruits measuring 1.5-2.7 cm in diameter.

Cultivation Tips:

  • Prefers deep, moist, acidic, or neutral soil.
  • Endures droughts and starts bearing fruit within 5-6 years.


  • Spacing of 7 x 7 meters in fertile soil or 5 x 5 meters in poorer soil.
  • Prepare the planting hole with a mixture of soil, sand, ashes, and organic matter.


  • Prune to shape the canopy and remove unwanted branches.
  • Fertilize with organic compost.

Experience the Magic:

  • Enjoy delicious fruits from July to August, attracting various bird species to your garden. The fruits are sweeter than the common aguaí (C. gonocarpum), so some experts think this should be C. viride.

Dive into the world of exotic gardening with Abiu-mirim or Aguaí seeds today!

Additional information

Strong taste

Sweet taste with a delightful flavor profile.

Cold Resilience

Can withstand temperatures as low as -6°C, making it adaptable to various climates.
Cultural Significance

Rich historical and cultural background, with names derived from indigenous languages like Tupi-Guarani.
Natural Habitat

Thrives in the lush environment of the Atlantic Forest, from Minas Gerais to Rio Grande do Sul, extending into Paraguay and Argentina.
Tree Characteristics

Grows to 6-7 meters in height, with a dense canopy and dark green, glossy leaves.
Floral Beauty

Clusters of small greenish flowers add aesthetic appeal to the tree.
Fruit Description

Round fruits measuring 1.5-2.7 cm in diameter, with a soft, yellow pulp.
Germination Process

Seeds germinate within 30-60 days, with seedlings reaching 30 cm in height within 8-9 months.
Versatile Planting Options

Can be cultivated in both full sun and shaded areas, suitable for gardens, woodlands, or reforestation projects.
Drought Tolerance

Resilient to dry conditions, enduring up to six months without rainfall.
Fruiting Period

Fruits ripen from July to August, providing a seasonal bounty for enjoyment.
Wildlife Attraction

Attracts various bird species, adding to the ecological diversity of your garden or landscape.
Low Maintenance

Requires minimal pruning for canopy shaping and regular organic fertilization for optimal growth.
Gardening Enjoyment

Offers an opportunity for exotic gardening experiences, enriching your outdoor space with unique flavors and natural beauty.


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