Granja inspirada en Fukuoka: Preston Hollow, NY

Aconsejo a tod@s ver este pequeño documental sobre el trabajo que se encuentra realizando un seguidor de la Agricultura Natural de Masanobu Fukuoka, el cual ha leído La Revolución de una Brizna de Paja y se ha decidido a cambiar su mundo. ¿Qué esperan ustedes para hacer lo propio?

Parte 1

Parte 2

Interesantísimos videos de una granja realizada bajo la idea de la agricultura natural, en Preston Hollow, New York, USA.

Gracias a SubtUtiles por la traducción al castellano!

Pego aquí la descripción del creador del video, quien nos alienta a compartirlo en redes sociales, blogs, etc.:

This video is about a garden I started in Preston Hollow, NY after reading Masonobu Fukuoka’s “One-Straw Revolution” and applying those theories and practices to vegetable gardening.

To view part 2, please follow this linnk:

I grew fresh vegetables for a small CSA (Community Shared Agriculture) , local markets and my friends and family. Much of my gardening practice coincides with the principles of permaculture. No-till farming creates permanent planting areas, in this way, one can incorporate perennial growing alongside the annuals.

Artistically, I was inspired by Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and the work of David Attenborough, which I grew up adoring as a child. I find it ironic how modern media was one of the original gateways to my increasing curiosity about nature, though perhaps this is what I hope to mimic by putting together my personal story with this garden.

I hope to continue learning from nature for years to come… and hopefully inspire others to do so themselves.

Resistance is fertile, folks!

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