Wampee (Clausena lansium)

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Cultivate the exotic and nutritious Wampee fruit in your garden with our high-quality seeds. Known for their low fat content and rich nutritional profile, Wampee fruits grown from these seeds offer a delightful citrus aroma and versatile culinary options, from fresh consumption to preparing delicious jams and juices. Thriving in various tropical and subtropical climates, these seeds yield trees that require ample sunlight and consistent watering for optimal growth and fruit production. With proper pruning and harvesting techniques, you can enjoy the sweet flavor of fully ripe Wampee fruits harvested from your own tree.

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Seeds of Wampee: An Exotic and Nutritious Fruit for Your Garden!

Grow your own source of health and flavor with Wampee seeds, the subtropical fruit that will captivate your senses. Wampee, scientifically known as Clausena lansium, is a perennial tree that will provide you with an abundant harvest of delicious and highly nutritious fruits.

Key Features:

Low-fat fruit rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids for your well-being. Tree with attractive dark green leaves and fragrant white flowers that will adorn your garden. Oval-shaped fruits the size of grapes, with an edible skin and seeds and a captivating citrus aroma.

Cultivation and Culinary Versatility:

✨ Adaptable to various tropical and subtropical climates, Wampee thrives in a wide range of soils. Enjoy its fresh fruits, prepare delicious jams, juices, or desserts with this versatile ingredient. Our specially selected variety is exceptionally sweet when fully ripe, similar to oranges; to harvest, wait for the fruit to turn brown and/or the skin to split open.

Join the millennia-old tradition of cultivation in China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and more, bringing exoticism to your table.

Don’t miss the opportunity to incorporate this delicious and nutritious fruit into your garden! Get our high-quality Wampee seeds today and enjoy their benefits for years to come.

Place your order today and fill your life with flavor, nutrition, and an unforgettable culinary experience with each Wampee fruit grown in your own home.

Additional information

Highly Nutritious

Wampee seeds produce trees that yield fruits low in fats and rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids, contributing to a healthy and balanced diet.

Exotic Citrus Aroma: Wampee fruits grown from these seeds offer a captivating citrus aroma, adding an exotic and refreshing touch to your dishes and beverages.

Culinary Versatility: From enjoying fresh fruits to preparing exquisite jams, juices, and desserts, Wampee seeds offer a wide range of culinary options to delight your palate.

Cultivation Conditions and Tips:

Adaptability: Wampee seeds thrive in various tropical and subtropical climates and can be cultivated in a wide range of soil types.

Sunlight: Ensure your Wampee tree receives ample sunlight for optimal growth and fruit production.

Watering: Provide consistent watering, especially during dry periods, to support healthy tree development and fruiting.

Pruning: Regular pruning helps maintain tree shape and encourages better fruit production. Remove dead or diseased branches to promote overall tree health.

Harvesting: Wait until the fruit turns brown and/or the skin begins to split before harvesting for the sweetest flavor.


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