Tropical guava: White mexican cream

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Introducing the Mexican Cream White Guava, renowned for its creamy texture and tropical flavor. Perfect for enjoying fresh or using in jams and juices. Elevate your culinary creations with the delightful Mexican Cream White Guava!

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Description/Taste: White Mexican Cream guavas are typically found in clusters on trees that can reach heights of up to 10 meters. These small, round fruits have a diameter of about five centimeters and feature a pale yellow skin, often with a red blush. Their creamy white flesh is thick and aromatic, surrounding a small seed cavity containing soft, edible seeds. Sweet with a classic tropical flavor, White Mexican Cream guavas offer hints of pineapple and passion fruit.

Seasons/Availability: In warmer, tropical climates, White Mexican Cream guavas are available year-round. However, in Southern California, they are primarily harvested in the fall.

Current Facts: White Mexican Cream guava, also known as Tropical Yellow guava, belongs to the Psidium guajava variety, thriving in its namesake region. This guava variety is one of 12 known for its distinctive white flesh. Beyond their culinary appeal, the trees are favored in edible landscaping for their colorful fruits and aromatic scent.

Nutritional Value: Rich in vitamins A and C, White Mexican Cream guavas also contain pectin, offering nutritional benefits alongside their delicious flavor.

Applications: The pulp is the most commonly used part of White Mexican Cream guavas. After slicing the guava lengthwise and removing the seeds if desired, the white flesh can be diced and boiled to create marmalades, sauces, syrups, or pastes. In Mexican cuisine, guava paste is often paired with creamy cheeses like mascarpone or cream cheese, creating a dish known as bocadillo con queso. Additionally, in southern Africa, White Mexican Cream guavas are utilized to produce wine.

Ethnic/Cultural Info: Amazonian tribes have long used various parts of the White Mexican Cream guava for medicinal purposes. Boiling the leaves and bark into a concoction serves as a remedy for digestive issues, sore throats, and vertigo.

Geography/History: Native to Central America, White Mexican Cream guavas are widely cultivated throughout Mexico, Central America, and other tropical and subtropical regions. Typically living up to 40 years, these trees thrive in warm temperatures, with well-established specimens capable of surviving temperatures below freezing. White Mexican Cream guavas can often be found at local farmer’s markets in the Southern United States.


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