Arazá serrano (Psidium longipetiolatum)

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Introducing Psidium longipetiolatum, also known as araca vermelho, a rare and captivating species native to the Atlantic Forest hillsides of Brazil. These seeds offer the opportunity to grow plants reaching heights of 4–6 meters, with occasional cultivation yielding trees up to 30 meters tall. From January to March, expect bountiful harvests of unique-tasting fruits, boasting a bold flavor profile reminiscent of lemon with subtle sweetness. Notably cold-hardy, this species thrives in temperatures as low as zone 8b, making it a resilient addition to any garden landscape. By nurturing these seeds, you not only enrich your garden with ornamental appeal but also contribute to the preservation of a species at risk of extinction.

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Discover Psidium longipetiolatum Seeds – Rare and Exotic Guava

Introducing Psidium longipetiolatum, also known as araca vermelho, a captivating species from the Myrtaceae family thriving on the picturesque hillsides of Brazil’s Atlantic Forest. Standing 4–6 meters tall in its natural habitat and potentially soaring to 30 meters under cultivation, this guava variety is a true botanical gem.

Unique Growth and Fruit Profile Imported directly from Brazil, these seeds offer a rare opportunity to cultivate a guava variety reminiscent of strawberry or lemon guava but with a robust growth habit. While its stature mirrors its familiar counterparts, Psidium longipetiolatum boasts a distinct flavor profile and ornamental appeal. Flowering abundantly from January to March, it yields bold-tasting fruits that are unparalleled in taste.

Cold-Hardy and Ornamental Originating from Brazil and Argentina, this species demonstrates remarkable cold hardiness, reportedly surviving temperatures as low as zone 8b. Its round leaves add to its ornamental charm, making it a captivating addition to any garden landscape.

Exceptional Flavor and Characteristics I had the pleasure of tasting this new species today, cultivated from seed over three years. The tree bore its first fruits this summer, reaching a height of 1.30 meters. The flavor is distinct from the araza rojo, with a tangier, more robust lemon-like taste that balances acidity with sweetness. Notable differences include the yellowish pulp, tougher consistency, and resilience to impact, distinguishing it as a unique and resilient variety.

Order Now Each seed is meticulously packaged in humid vermiculite, ensuring optimal conditions for germination. Don’t miss your chance to cultivate this extraordinary guava variety and contribute to its preservation. Order your Psidium longipetiolatum seeds today and embark on a journey of botanical exploration and delight.

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Rare Species

Psidium longipetiolatum, also known as araca serrano, belongs to the Myrtaceae family and is a rare find, indigenous to the hillsides of Brazil's Atlantic Forest.

Distinct Growth Habit: These seeds yield plants that typically grow 4–6 meters tall in their natural habitat, with the potential to reach heights of up to 30 meters under cultivation.

Fruiting Season: Expect abundant flowering and fruiting from January to March, providing a delightful harvest during the early months of the year.

Unique Flavor Profile: The fruits of Psidium longipetiolatum offer a bold and distinct flavor, reminiscent of lemon with a hint of sweetness, setting it apart from other guava varieties.

Cold-Hardy: Originating from Brazil and Argentina, this species exhibits remarkable cold hardiness, able to withstand temperatures as low as zone 8b.

Ornamental Appeal: With its round leaves and captivating growth form, Psidium longipetiolatum adds aesthetic value to any garden landscape, enhancing its ornamental appeal.

Resilience: Not only is this species visually striking, but it also demonstrates resilience to impact, with a tougher consistency and reduced susceptibility to damage.

Preservation: By cultivating Psidium longipetiolatum seeds, you contribute to the preservation of this rare and endangered species, ensuring its survival for future generations to enjoy.


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