I believe that God or the Unit or consciousness has a “moral”. I am religious in my opinion. This way of being religious (re-link with God) has produced in me a way, ways of seeing things for now at least twenty years.

In my experiences observing nature, different beings, human beings, myself and rethink the universe, I have been confirming the idea that there is a “moral” point of view by the “divinity” : there is human morality, I think, as a result of that we are part of nature but we think we are outside, are a result of laws that make up the universe.

I think the laws that make up the universe are the clearest expression of the morality of the “divinity” or the Creator, I can call God, an eternal and perfect from which emanates all the energy that created everything, all the light, peace, love, intelligence and freedom that is the source of all life.

When I think of love, peace, freedom, my body tends to smile, like when I see a flower, a bird, or anything beautiful in nature.

If the feeling of being happy, generally is related to beauty, to ethics and love, then I think that’s the right way to live, and thus we come to truth and God.

I think our path away from God is our way away from ethics, beauty, love, peace, freedom, courage and all the virtues we should cultivate more.

I think the other beings that inhabit this planet are typically very “moral” in the sense that they behave controlled by the laws that shape our universe (law of gravity, etc..).

These laws are clear, we discover through science, mathematics, etc.. Are unquestionable. We may like or not, but mark a hard limit to our existence.

I believe the universe is like a net of love that contains our blunders, our miseries, and we want the opportunity to improve and achieve more and more love.

I think animals also run this way: you may have noticed that domesticated dogs do not have the same behavior as their ancestors the wolves. There are even vegans who feed their dogs meat-free and live well.

So I think there is nothing really said about the “fatal” effect. I do not think we are destined for doom (neither i believe all animals should be vegans!, that was only one example to say: fatality is not the only way the universe behaves).

That idea sketching about the “fate of our nature” (that’s what I would call it) is very dangerous because, in my view, tends to stay out of our way to the good: it can serve to justify the misery of our spirit. I’m not saying you use it just like that. I say it is dangerous interpretation because I think it is a misconception that contains some truth.

The good part of it, it’s that it tries to accept the universe as it is.

Perhaps part of that vision that I would call “fatalistic” and without direction, have served you to neutralize negative views of other religions that attempt to explain existence by myths and dogmas.

I think the fatalistic view that derives from some thinkers and gurus, in some way (for what little I can know and understand) is the product of a response to oppressive religions that have led many people to paths of perdition.

When religions fail, people start looking for other ways and try to beat doing other ideas and changing religions.

I think all these paths are logical, I think some of them lead us to evolve and I think they are perfectible.

I do not think anyone who claims to have reached the awareness of the divinity, nor believe in any recipe that can not evolve. I dont believe in no one that tell me “this is the only way life happens”

I believe we must evolve our awareness about the universe and try again and again interpret their messages, because each atom there is “love of God” (a small speech to try to understand).

If we abandon the search for harmony and think of nature as it is, with all “fatalities”, is “perfect”, I think we stopped evolving. So I think if we stop trying to spread the love we can produce. I think love should not remain a personal experience, I think that, as plants feed on the sun, we must process and transform it into love, more love, peace and beauty, intelligence, attention to other, courage.

If we do not evolve, rather than using the universe that was made to allow just the way of evolution, if we do not evolve, we ended up in hatred, malaise, vice, etc.. I do not think that nature is itself essentially evil, I do not think that having a food chain we have to interpret that crime is the rule for the existence of beings.

I think there are more and less evolved beings, and that the path of the different beings on this earth has to do with solving problems of the spirit of them/us. I believe in reincarnation, and I think if today be a tiger, in the next incarnation will be something else, perhaps a monkey, and so will evolve.

Other things like vegetables, may not need more reincarnations in order to become perfect and be right next to God.

I believe there is a big difference between the plants and beings with central nervous system.

Beings with central nervous system feel the pain of a more dramatic way, and generally have a very different life, even if you do, the plants are much more strange that those beings who have central nervous system and suffer, like us, the pain.

For example if you cut a cutting from a plant, perhaps create another plant: for plant, tear a piece can be a method of reproduction, even you can infer that a plant would be happy if you take away one part and so create a child , as the son of that plant grows, develops and could say it is “happy”. If you cut the arm of a monkey, another monkey will not be born and the monkey will suffer enormous pain.

Even if you eat a fruit that has a seed and then shit, give opportunity to another plant to be born. But if you eat a calf, not another calf born, nor will chance that animal to be happier because their material existence here will be over.

Maybe I’m wrong about the dramatic difference I see between plants and animals, but for now I think they are very different and deserve different treatment.

So I think for minerals, I think you have to treat differently the minerals, plants, animals.

Minerals may be the less evolved form of life (note that I say “life” I do not think they have no life), so the least concern us, but we should also learn about the mineral world.

Well, I have gone more than I thought, I hope my words will also be useful in some way, a hug.

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