Fukuoka Farming mailing list, mailing group: how to subscribe

Just as the wind continues to blow and the sun continues to vibrate the most intimate fibers of plants and animals, ideas and general information, the revolution of a straw can’t be stopped by human meanness.

So if you feel you need a place to express your ideas, concerns, feelings, questions, philosophy, thoughts or any information about Natural Farming, there is this mailing group that works unmoderated.

Librelist.com is a software system for creating mailing lists without moderation, its spirit is that each participant will self-moderate and that in any case people filter the mails or unwanted items in their mail client.

To subscribe, simply send an email to fukuoka.farming@librelist.com, and reply the welcome message. You can unsubscribe in any time.

Please be nice and have a good time!


Author: marcos

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