Araticú #6, big, Eldorado

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Introducing rare seeds of the unnamed Annona species, “araticú big #6,” from Eldorado, Argentina. This exotic fruit tree grows 6-8 meters tall with unique fruits and aromatic flesh. It’s perfect for edible landscapes, but rare in cultivation, offering a chance to grow a unique tropical fruit tree variant found only in Northern Argentina and Southern Brazil.

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Big Araticú (#6), Eldorado

Introducing a true rarity – seeds of an unnamed Annona species, known as "araticú big #6" from the Atlantic Forest region of Eldorado, Misiones, Argentina. This exotic and unclassified fruit tree makes an intriguing addition to edible landscapes and rare plant collections.

The araticú big #6 grows 6-8 meters tall with mottled brown trunk and zig-zagging branches bearing smooth, elliptical leaves. In late summer, it produces cream helix-shaped flowers followed by oblong fruits to 8 cm long with thick, areolated (nipple-textured) yellow skin mottled black.

The aromatic, segmented flesh is delicious fresh or used for jams, jellies, sorbet and sparkling beverages. Of course, it has more seeds than a Biribá, as almost any native araticú. Hardy to light frosts, it prefers well-draining acidic to neutral soils enriched with organic matter.

Extremely rare in cultivation, these seeds represent an exclusive opportunity to grow a unique tropical fruit tree variant found only in a small region of Northern Argentina and Southern Brazil. Add biodiversity to edible landscapes, botanic gardens and private collections with the araticú big #6.


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