Una Collective Agreement 2019

During the pandemic, the government also continued negotiations for a new agreement on wages and working conditions with doctors. A preliminary agreement was recently announced by Health Minister Tyler Shandro and Dr. Paul Boucher, chief of the Alberta Medical Association. Referring to documents developed by the Canadian TaxiPayer Federation, Smith said the maximum amount of compensation for a nurse registered on time is $US 58.81. We do not know where that number comes from. A brief look at the UNA provincial collective agreement will show that an RN at the top of the salary grid would earn 49.34 $US an hour. That`s a difference of about $20,000 a year. The exact figures are easy to find: they can be found on page 287 of the current UNA collective agreement with the AHS and other health employers, a public document available on the UNA website and at the Alberta Labour Relations Board. The two sides began negotiating a new deal in 2019, but have twice agreed to suspend contract negotiations until the end of this month in order to focus on the pandemic. Harrigan said he suspects the real reason the province doesn`t want to return to the bargaining table is that it has to unveil plans to continue with a layoff program unveiled in late 2019. WADA`s core members are now voting on whether this agreement should be ratified. The last four-year collective agreement with Alberta Health Services and the United Nurses of Alberta expired almost a year ago.

This is what happened last year, when UNA and AHS reached an agreement to address a critical shortage of medical staff in the emergency department of the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre, which led to the creation of 11.7 full-time positions. Decisions are still ongoing, but AHS was required to disclose the measures as part of the collective bargaining process, he said. “The AHS negotiator is not there dealing with COVID. Alberta Health Services hires people to negotiate their collective agreements and they hire professional negotiators. They don`t have COVID health workers. The plans were “announced ahead of negotiations on the UNA`s 2020 provincial collective agreement so that the union has time to record the information and react accordingly,” the union said in a press release. . . .

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