Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Changes company agreements are beneficial for companies, as they offer predictable prices over their three-year term and offer assistance, provision and training benefits to those who sign them. However, a Microsoft EA is not the A&A of licensing solutions and, in a way, they can be seen as outdated and obsolete sales tactics from 15 to 20 years ago – that is, forcing people to over-buy, because there`s no way to reduce the number of licenses you have once you sign the deal. Does your organization currently have a Microsoft Ea (Enterprise Agreement)? Are you aware of the changes to the Enterprise Agreement program, which increased the minimum number of users/devices to qualify for a corporate agreement from 250 users/devices to 500 users/devices? Is your organization falling below this new minimum threshold? Microsoft has announced changes to its Enterprise Agreement program, which will begin on July 1, 2016! We`ve put together the main questions and answers to help you find your way. Read the full article. Whenever a software vendor changes the license and contract definitions, it`s important to fully understand the impact of those changes on your organization. Only then will you be able to choose the best option for you, from a business point of view and from a cost point of view. On the other hand, working with a cloud solutions program (CSP) allows you to be flexible and choice. Instead of a 3-year contract, the CSP license is just a monthly obligation – you can modify your license as needed and add or subtract people without penalty if you wish. You may need to be prepared to extend the expiration date in order to get flexibility from Microsoft. We`ve seen organizations that left two months after the expiration date to finally reach an agreement with Microsoft. At the end of the day, while EA`s qualified companies can make sense of pricing, they still have to expect to pay upfront each year and don`t have the option to reduce the number of subscriptions in the middle of the year. However, it`s worth having all your products, both in the cloud and in the field, in one agreement.

EA is a great option for this, but with distant programmatic reductions, the benefits diminish over CSP. The aspects that used to make ea hard to deny no longer exist, especially for users with fewer than 500 seats. It would be worthwhile for companies to at least do their homework when it comes to alternatives. For companies that employ more than 2,400 people, Microsoft offers an additional programmatic discount that would widen the gap. The main advantage of the Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA) LICENSING MODEL (MPSA) is that software acquisition is fast, flexible, and consolidated….

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