Investment Advisor Service Agreement

At the end of this document, you will also see a place where you can sign and date the agreement. Your advisor will sign and write it. By serving the agreement, you confirm that you obtain, accept and accept the conditions described in the document. Other Customer Insurance: The Customer represents and warrants that the Customer has full power and authority to perform, take, deliver and fulfill the Customer`s obligations arising from this Agreement. The Customer also warrants that this Agreement has been duly approved, executed and delivered by the Customer and that it is a legal, valid and binding agreement of the Customer which, in accordance with its terms, is enforceable against the Customer, and that the terms of this Agreement do not violate any obligation to which the Customer is bound. Where the client is a limited liability company, a limited liability company, a partnership, a trust or another legal person, the client represents and warrants that the person executing this agreement on behalf of the client has been duly authorised to do so. This is important, especially because you need to understand whether you are dealing with a paid or paid consultant. Paid consultants earn commissions on the products they sell, while paid consultants only charge for the services they offer. Honorary advisors follow a fiduciary standard, which means they can only offer advice that is in your best interest. Depending on the description of the advisory services, remuneration and fees may be the second most important part of your investment advisory contract. Here you can see how your advisor is compensated and how much you pay for their services.

You (“Client”) and BrightPlan, LLC (“BrightPlan”), a Delaware limited liability company and an investment advisor registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, agree to enter into a financial advisory relationship, subject to the terms of this investment advisory agreement (“Agreement”), which enables BrightPlan to provide the services described above. This Agreement shall be effective upon adoption by BrightPlan. In light of the reciprocal obligations set forth therein, Customer and BrightPlan agree to the following: Arbitration: The parties waive their right to recourse to the courts, including the right to a jury trial. The parties agree that any dispute between or between the parties arising out of, in connection with or in connection with this Agreement or the account(s), including the determination of the scope and enforceability of the arbitration agreement, shall be resolved exclusively by a binding arbitration procedure conducted under the aegis of JAMS, in accordance with its global arbitration rules and procedures. The arbitration will take place at the time the dispute arises in brightplan`s county and state headquarters. Disputes are not settled in another forum or elsewhere. Arbitration is conducted by a retired judge who has experience in resolving securities disputes. . . .

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