European Patent Validation London Agreement

3. Postal delays and risks If your patent renewal fee is not paid due to an unforeseen problem, do you want the notification of missed payment to be sent to the post office for another country or do you want it to be sent locally? What happens if a competitor requests the cancellation of your patent? Is this the kind of thing you want to delay or lose in the mail? Although there are no statistics on the impact of lost or late mail on patent holders, registering a local address for the service seems to be a good insurance for the low cost. In this way, your foreign local partner can inform you immediately of the problems. The other group of countries that have also acceded to the London Agreement and do not have English, French or German as official languages require that the translation of claims be submitted in only one of their official languages. However, some of them still need, in some cases, an English translation of the entire specification. In the event of non-compliance with the applicable national rules, the European patent will have no effect on that country from its filing date. In addition to translation requirements, national renewal fees must also be paid to maintain the patent in force. The countries that currently form this group are Albania, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Macedonia, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Slovenia. .

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