Cn Rail Strike Agreement

“If we had chosen an approach like the previous government, to have the decision to redo labour laws, we would not have a solution today,” said Mr. Garneau. “Because as soon as we would have decided to convene Parliament, with all that needs to be done to get royal approval for a law, we still wouldn`t have an agreement today.” “We congratulate and thank both CN and the Teamsters for staying around the table and reaching an agreement for the benefit of all Canadians,” Labour Minister Filomena Tassi and Transport Minister Marc Garneau said in a joint statement. WATCH: Tassi, Garneau celebrates negotiated end of CN Rail strike “This government has remained calm and focused on helping the parties reach an agreement, and it worked,” said Teamsters Canada President Francois Laporte. I would also like to personally thank our collaborators who kept the railway moving safely with reduced capacity,” Ruest said in a statement. CN and its employees are committed to moving the North American economy by providing freight services that enable economic growth. “Previous governments have routinely violated workers` right to strike when it comes to the rail industry,” Teamsters Canada President François Laporte said in the statement. “This government remained calm and focused on helping the parties reach an agreement, and it worked.” “When we went through this process, both sides expressed a sincere commitment to reach an agreement. as well as the obligation to be flexible,” she said. CN confirmed earlier this month the job cuts just before the strike began due to the supply of stuttering raw materials and trade tensions between the United States and China. Details of the agreement, which must be ratified by union members, were not immediately available.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau said the deal was won because his government trusted the parties by saying they understood the difficulties caused by the strike and were serious about negotiating an agreement. The preliminary agreement facilitates Trudeau`s new minority government, which has been pressured to intervene and stop the strike. READ MORE: CN Rail strike puts Quebec and Ontario on propane alert “I am pleased to announce that we have reached a preliminary agreement with CN. I would like to thank our members for their incredible courage and solidarity,” said François Laporte, President of Teamsters Canada, in the written statement. On Twitter, Trudeau and the premiers of the strike-affected Prairie provinces expressed gratitude for its end: Peasants: The strike is hampering both prairie farmers who hoped to ship their grain and dozens of ships to the B.C coast in hopes of preserving it. In Quebec, farmers have not even been able to prepare their harvest because they dry the propane grain that CN usually supplies in eastern Canada. This is the peak season of grain prices and farmers who have already had a difficult harvest this year were concerned about the survival of their farms.

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