Employment Agreement Apprentice Nz

(b) Identify apprentices and people who may offer apprenticeships to current staff, new employees or apprentices employed by the coordinator: while apprenticeships can be an integral part of your business and are a means of organizing future executives in your sector, it is essential to fulfill your obligations with regard to the initial and ongoing training of these employees. If you have any doubts about the requirements, contact Employsure. As a leading specialist in labour relations, our professional team can help and advise all your work commitments. Call us today on 0800 675 700. Training in the industry covers traditional trades and teaching professions, as well as trades in a number of industries. These sectors include primary industries, manufacturing, infrastructure, construction, services, retail, government and municipal services. While apprentices can be of great use to your business, it is important to know that there are certain obligations that you must fulfill as an employer when you take them. You have a responsibility to teach and train them in the right way, so that they work competently, so that they can perform your prescribed service professionally and professionally. (2) In carrying out the tasks covered in paragraph 1, point a), the coordinator must consult with the apprentice and, if there is a collective agreement in your company, you must: An individual employment contract is a contract between an employer and a single employee. The details of the contract apply only to this employee. This law applies only to the employee, the apprentice`s coordinator and the apprentice, as it applied before the beginning of the amending law. and during the transitional period, in order to ensure that an apprentice can continue his apprenticeship or undergo appropriate alternative training, the Commission may issue one or more of the following instructions: Any apprentice you employ is entitled to equal rights and rights under labour, health and safety law.

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