Dlm Security Agreement

12 Integrity fraud does not benefit the test administrator or students, they are not allowed to test and prepare the assessment, and they know that your student`s current academic levels in dynamic learning cards do not benefit the administrator or student from other impairments in test security or fraud. Fraud can have a negative impact on the student`s score and the awarding of testlets. If z.B. a test administrator answers questions for a student or changes the student`s answers to make them correct, the next testlet received by the student will likely be at a higher level of connection and may be too difficult for the student. It is also not advantageous to underestimate your student`s performance, for example by always choosing the lowest test level, underestimating ability in the First Contact survey, or managing the test if the student is not motivated and skips questions. Each of these practices may allow your student to get simpler tests in the future, but ultimately, students` total scores will be lower because they have only been tested at lower connection levels. Please note that dynamic learning cards use methods to detect fraud. To prepare and prepare your students for the alternative assessment of Dynamic Learning Maps, you must use the resources provided by Dynamic Learning Maps, including exercise activities and released testlets. Training activities explain the structure and navigation of testlets and the types of objects that respond to students. Published testlets contain academic content similar to dynamic learning card tests. These testlets help teachers better understand connection levels. By focusing on integrity and providing the best possible test with good intentions for your students, your students are in the best position to show what they know and what they can do to ensure that their results reflect that knowledge. DLM Required Test Administration Training Module 2 2 2 Learning Objectives Test Security DLM Security AgreementA integrity during the assessment process Violations of Test security This module allows you to learn more about test safety, the conclusion of the dynamic learning security agreement, maintaining integrity during the assessment process and testing security violations.

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